Monday, 11 February 2013

Enhancing student’s participation in online learning


Student's Participation in Online Learning

Changing Teacher’s responsibilities are the keys to encourage student’s participation in online learning. The teacher’s role is more of a mentor who possesses excellent presentation skills, is tech savvy and equipped with varied information. Teacher needs to respond effectively to student’s queries during and after the session and juggle between backend and frontend efficiently. Also the importance of asynchronous learning and peer to peer interactions cannot be underestimated. Asynchronous learning environment will encourage reflective thinking and self-directed learning.

Student on the other hand needs to change his/her mindset and adapt self learning disciplines to cope up with changing education demands. Indulging in peer interactions, identifying tricks for quick and relevant searches, building lateral connections with industry mentors, and designing self-study plan are the traits of the motivated learner who will change the education economy in coming years.

In parallel with teacher’s and student’s endeavors, universities need to empower flexibility in scheduling courses and exams, designing efficient curriculum and defining policy advocacy to prepare themselves for the 21st century education challenges and expectations.

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