Sunday, 17 February 2013

Online Education Going Social

Online Education Going Social
My last note ‘Enhancing Student’s Participation in Online Learning’ highlighted the role of teachers and universities enabling student’s participation in online learning.
Let’s discover the role of Social Media in this regard. A well defined Social Media Strategy can jump start the level of student’s involvement in online programs and courses. There is an intrinsic need for the online education going social in order to build an online learning paradigm.
Social media allows students to get aligned with emerging trends, network with knowledge communities, gain valuable advice from education industry leaders and participate in enlightening debates and discussions.  It can prove to be an important start up renovating online education. It makes it simple for teachers to share information with students as an extension of classroom lecture in the form of videos, power point, audio files, and embedded links to other resources. Social media boosts students’ participation by creating lessons interactive by means of forum discussions, Wikipedia style collaboration, live chats, feedback sessions, online assessments, and more such mutual platforms.
Keeping in mind the need of contemporary student who is passionate about social media and believes in digital interactions, online education providers need to consider social media a boon. Social media not only facilitates education effectively but also inculcates the habit of teamwork, reflective thinking and self-directed learning in the students.  
How do you think social is changing the way students learn? Share your views.

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